We’ve got tons of product. Discover the biggest variety of gift and jewelry merchandise in the Gulf Coast all under one roof.



Our exhibitors offer the lowest price point available in the industry. You simply won’t believe how affordable their prices are.


With more than 70 years of experience in gift & jewelry shows, we know what makes a difference. It’s our people.

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What our clients say

“I’ve been attending shows in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge for over 20 years. … The ability to feel and touch merchandise is so important to me. I spend about $1,000 per show and walk away with what I need. I also so appreciate all the improvements you’ve made – especially including nonprofits like the animal shelter, and now, Toys for Tots! I’ll never forget how you were the first show to come back to the Morial Center post Katrina! What a friend you’ve been to NOLA!”

LeAnne W. The Weill Agency

“This is my third show and my experience is really paying off. Everyone has been so helpful … ”

Victoria Lippy Lovers

“When you bring in good merchandise and you do a good job selling, you’re going to have a successful show. … We always have a great show and I can’t wait to come back.”

Mary Lou Mary Lou's Jewelry

“We love your shows! Your shows are great for small businesses like mine to stock up on new inventory!”

Rebecca E. Social Butterflies

“I usually spend two days at the shows and always say next time I will spend three because there is so much there. Thanks for the opportunity in helping my business grow each time I visit y’all! All of my customers are so excited to see what I bring back. Again, thank you so very much!”

Tracie B.

“You have the best and the friendliest staff. You are doing a great job bringing qualified buyers in. I am so proud and happy to attend your shows every time. It is not just business only, it’s a vacation. Thank you on a job well done.”

Naim Alherimi Cobra Security

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