Buyer Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining tens-of-thousands of your peers in attendance at our Helen Brett trade shows.

To attend, you must be a qualified industry buyer and provide the following required documentation during registration:

All items listed in this section are required and must be submitted with completed application and payment.

1. Federal Tax ID Number or a copy of a current Sales Tax payment form showing the business owners social security number if the FTID number is unavailable.

2. Copy of a “current” Retail Sales Tax License, Business License or Occupational License. The business must be related to the industry of the show. Business owners must provide proof of ownership when the Business/Occupational License does not clarify this information.

3. Paycheck Stub, if not available, a copy of a cancelled payroll check will be accepted, front and back side required. Must be minimum $75.00 payroll check. This requirement applies to employees only.

4. Copy of a Government issued photo ID. Driver’s license, state identification card, or passport.

you must provide the following additional documentation:

1. Three (3) recent invoices – quantity orders in excess of $100.00 each. These invoices must be from suppliers, for product that is related to the industry.

2. A photo of your store display area located in your place of business. No home displays accepted.

COSMETOLOGIST, OWNERS OR EMPLOYEES OF BEAUTY SALONS, NAIL SALONS OR SPAS must provide all the above documentation and if you lease a space a copy of your rent payment must be included.

must provide all of the following documentation:

1. A letter (on your business letterhead), signed by the principal/dean/pastor/hospital administrator, indicating the names of each person requesting to attend a show.

2. Current fundraiser flyer or advertisement of sale or shop.

3. Three (3) invoices or receipts – quantity orders in excess of $100.00 each. These invoices must be from suppliers related to the industry.

Mary Kay, Avon, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, Shaklee, Amway, etc., are all classified as buyers not owners, and must provide all of the following documentation:

1. Consultant business card for the company of which you are a sales representative.

2. Three (3) invoices for product/merchandise sold by parent company to representative only for the use of retail sales.

3. A business receipt for a customer’s purchase from you.

A spouse of a business owner is a buyer. The spouse of a paid employee or volunteer is not qualified and may attend as a buyer’s guest for a guest fee ($20).

Please note that the guest fee at the Baton Rouge Jewelry and Merchandise Show includes a Baton Rouge Sales Tax ($22).

All Helen Brett shows are for the trade only. No one under 16 years of age is permitted entrance to Helen Brett shows,
and will not be issued a Gold Card. Proof of age is required at show
registration with a government issued photo ID. Infants must be carried
in a front or back carrying pack.

To apply for, or to learn about the benefits of HB Buyer Gold Cards, click here.